Rear Wheel Alignment.

I just put a new tire on my 650R today, and as I was re-installing the rear tire I did my best to align it properly on the swing arm.

I'm fairly confident that I got it straight (it looks straight by sight, and it feels to track straight from just riding around the neighborhood). What are some techniques that are used by others to get that rear axle perfectly aligned? How much room for error does one have - a few centimeters?

What are the symptoms and eventual problems with a rear wheel that is crooked?



As for a lining up technique, I can't think of much other than the little lines on the swing arm that you use.

But, for symptoms of not-proper alignment, you'll know cause the tire will probably rub on either the side of the inside fender, or on the pipe if you compress the shock enough.

just use the marks on the swingarm, or you can get out the measuring tape and measure from the front of the axle block to the cut out in the swing arm where the adjusters thread in.. hope that helps a little..

If the rear wheel is crooked enough, you'll feel the rear of the bike wants to steer one way or another.

The chain adjustment marks are useless on a 650R, they are not even with each other. What I do is measure from the center of the swing arm pivot bolt, down to the center of the rear axel. This measurement should be accurate, and both sides should be the same distance.

Another method, a bit less accurate, is to stand beck 10-15 ft., and judge the wheel against the seat. Don't use the rear fender because the sub-frame on a 650R isn't perfectly straight.

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