XR Seats???

Does anyone happen to know if an XR400 seat is the same as an XR650R seat? (of a similar year)Anybody ever tried switching them around??? They look near identical to me... just wondered if anyone has any knowledge of them being interchangable?:thumbsup:

Thx in advance

We actually have several people on the XR400/250 list looking into this. We are fairly certain that it won't drop in.

What we don't know is if it could be rigged in? I have an XR400 seat and would like try it on somebodies XR650L here in the Puget Sound (Auburn) area. PM me and I will arrange a time to meet.

I would greatly appreciate it. I have a 1500 mile trip next week and want to use my XR400 gel seat on the XR650L.


I am in the Olympia area if you would like to try.

Just a quick question though, are the 250/400 seats roughly the same? I have a 250 as well as the 650l and the 650r and none of their seats look interchangeable. Well the xr250 and 650r are probably the closest to being the same as they bolt on from the outside while the 650l bolts on from the inside and has that real tall boxy rear portion.

A bunch of thanks to Norge. He has both bikes and took the trouble to look into this last night. Here is the reply:

The mounts on the L are ~6" forward from the rear of the seat and on the 400 they are ~3 forward from rear of seat. Seat pans look different and looks like a 1/2" difference in mount width. I would rather have no seat wobble than a gel seat. I'm sure with duck tape and bailing wire it would work, but I would stick with the L seat on the L.

I will give up the swap and concentrate on other butt remedies.


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