E-Line Lighting Kit

I am in the process of converting the old steed--2002 YZ 426-- into a 'street legal' machine. :thumbsup:

Just wondering if anyone has any opinions of this kit by E-Line....???

has anyone tried this set-up?

has anyone encountered any difficulties with the E-Line components?


claimed 200 watts plus headlight and tailight, wiring harness and brake switch.

Thanks in advance.

I installed there external coil on my bike last year, it works good but i had a few issues with the spacer they gave me to go between the existing flywheel and the bolt on one they provide, the center clearance hole was way over sized and created a vibration from the pendelum effect, I ended up machining my own spacer to tighter tolerances and had no problems. also make sure to spray the gaskets with sealant before installing them on the housings, after a season on the bike had a couple of small seeping oil leaks around the cover, no big deal but it was just an annoyance after riding dusty trails.

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