02 YZF426 - Hole in radiator

Hello folks, dont post here much but ive got a bit of a problem with my baby. Its been in storage for a while now and I took it out just yesterday to see how it was looking and to get her ready for the warm weather. I started her and she started leaking from the right side radiator, theres a small hole right at the top. Im just wondering if its worth trying to get it fixed, or just go out and buy a used one?

I live in the UK so perhaps if anyone reading this has either a 02 426 right side radiator for sale, or knows someone in the UK that does a good job on repairs id be grateful if you could let me know.

P.S : Ive spotted one on ebay.co.uk (£68 + £8 p.p) would this be a good buy?


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