Moab Weather

I might take a trip to Moab/ Canyon Lands area the last week of March. What would the weather be like out there that time of year?



Beautiful! March is a great time of the year to go. A bit cooler (I'm guessing 60 - 70F during the day)...definitely cold at night (maybe below freezing). Not many folks out there yet (still skiing going on).

July and August are the super HOT months...still OK to go, but just bring a TON of H2O.

I'd avoid Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend...way too crazy out there. You'll be waiting behind 10M jeeps and bikers.

Check out the Kane Creek and Poison Spider to Gold Bar Rim rides. Pretty spectacular!


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A bunch of us are going to Moab on April 4th through the 7th. If you want you could wait a week and go with us. Email me at for more info. Oh, the weather is perfect that time of year.

Roostn in Denver

Moab was great last year March 16-20. Highs in the 70-80 degree range and 40's at night. Absolutely perfect riding. We are going again this year March 17-23. Stay at the Greenwell or the Ramada. Nice central-town location with rooms on the ground level, pool, 'cuzi, and small park. Also close to the hospital. (We seem to need the hospital feature every year.)


Moab is great on Memorial Weekend. We go every year and we've always had a blast. It is crowded but that just adds to the fun. We never get backed up on the bikes. You just go around (politely of course) and continue your ride. Plus you can stop and watch the Jeeps climb. They are 20 deep sometimes waiting to get up a spot. I've never had a problem with them letting us by.

It is a little warmer than March / April but not as nasty as July / Aug. I highly recommend it as a Moab weekend getaway. We'll be there Memorial Weekend. Anyone else?

OK're right in that everyone out there has been nothing but polite and has allowed folks to pass by. I just dont like waiting for a table at the Italian place in town...especially after a long ride! :)

So you're heading out that way, eh? Keep me I'll surely get over my disdain for busy commutes on I70 and possibly come out to join you. Do you normally camp or get a room? We're campers most of the time...although with the little 'un, we may not be this year again. She'll be 14 months I suppose we'll be back to camping again (although that mostly depends on the boss lady). :D



I'm planning a trip to Moab on the weekend of February 16th and 17th if you want to try to meet. Either PM me or e-mail at


You are right about the long lines to eat and to gas up. Just a couple of inconvieneces though.

We always stay at the Bowen Motel. They have a room for us specially reserved. Definately need the pool, AC and shower :)

Camping up by slickrock is always fun as well...and one can procure a shower at the Canyonlands Campground in town across from McD's...

...unless you are trying to impress a young lady friend...then opt for the nicer accomodations.. :)


You must be much younger than me. My body just can't stand the camping any more after 50-75 miles of Moab. Give me a hot-tub, a few beers, and an air-conditioned suite! After-all it's supposed to be a vacation, right?

I dont know Jake about the age thing...but dont get me wrong. Hottubbing and boozin' are pretty cool to do in the comforts of your own place. Camping allows the dog to run free...not to mention, the 3AM drinking binges associated with campfires. Hotels seem to frown upon you setting a gallon of white gas on fire for some reason... :)

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