426 tires

Need new front and rear tires. Mainly hardpack riding here in Virginia. however I also ride some MX and trails in Maryland, PA and NC. Considering the Pirell Scorpion Pro for the front and the MT-16 for the rear. Currently have Dunlop 739FAJ front and 120/90-19(stock is 110/90-19) D739 for the rear. Should I seriously consider the Pirelli or stick with the Dunlops? What is the handling differences between these two tires?

Where do you guys get tires from?

How does the Pirelli front tire special work?

We run Bridgestones (anything form an ED12 to M59 & 60's) and have been pleased with them.

Pirelli Scorpion Pro up front and Scorpion Pro MX Hard on the rear. I used to run Dunlops (mostly 952's), but they don't last as long as Pirelli's, and I don't believe anybody has a better tire than the Scorpion Pro front. That things grips in mud, hard pack, silt, pavement, whatever....

use the kenda rears. they are the best in my expeirence. i am running a millville in the rear right now and i have a couple rides on it and its barly worn and i still have a carlsbad awaiting me. they get the best grip i have been able to grab on my 426 yet and they are CHEAP!!!

The Pirelli combo is the way to go....I'm using the Scorpion Pro up front, and the MT-16 on the rear. It's the best tires I've had on this bike ever....I've used Dunlop and Maxxis, but they paled by comparison.

I ride Hardpack, Dirt/Sand mixture, a little pure Sand, Rock, shale, good trail dirt, and Coal/Rock, in Pa. and New Jersey. I have little time in Mud, so I can't speak about it's Mud performance.

I don't know if Pirelli is still running their special, but if you purchased a Pirelli rear (certain models, including the MT-16, and other's) you registered online, and they'll ship you a front tire for $ 15 total. I'll try and find the link.

found it.....


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