06 450f clutch noise

I noticed this weekend when I let my clutch out it makes a funny noise coming from the clutch area. It goes away when you pull in the clutch lever but once you let it out you can faintly hear it. Its not a big deal but its definately a different noise with the clutch out. The clutch seems to be grabbing ok but I was wondering if the baskets get worn out? I used Mobile 1 synthetic made for wet clutch racing 4 strokes.

I think that noise is normal because mine has done it since new and it never caused me any troubles.

Man I love this website!

I have an 07 yz450 and I noticed excessive engine noise as well,read up

on it and apparently this a normal characteristic on the newer yz's.

especially when you have a skid plate on,it will resonate engine and clutch


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