00 yz426?

Ok im brand new to this forum but have been riding for a while, this will be my first 4stroke dirtbike so i thought id ask a few questions. for a potential first 4stroke.

I currently ride an 02 kx and love it but have ridden the 450s n love the 4stroke power. and feel.

alot of folks say the 00 will feel heavier then my 02 kx?

is this true?

how is the handling charecteristics of the 00 yz426 compared to the kx?

also any mechanical concerns of the 426?

also is the newer 450s that much better? more reliable?

I like the fact that the 426 will be green sticker for me (i ride in nor cal)

also its alot cheaper 1700$ price is def a huge consideration.

I have never ridden a 02 KX. Go over to the KX side and post it over there.

The 426 is a great reliable 4 stroke, that is on the heavy side. Yes it is heavier than a 02 KX After a few mods and with the suspension setup it corners well and stays in its line. The 03 and 04 450s have a motor with a big hit and then yami mellowed it back down for 05. I can't tell you much about the 06-07 bikes, but everyone says they are better.

Remember a 2000 YZ426 is a seven year old MX bike. Depending on how many hours it would have, you will be looking at an engine rebuild in the near future.

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