Newbie to Dirtbikes and TT Forum!

Whats up Fellas, I just bought a 04 WR 450. Its pretty much stock and I would like to get all the goodies. I'm waiting on a DRD Full Exhaust and Shopping around for frame guards and skid plate. Which frame guards do you guys suggest. Theres not much out there and carbon fiber is not my thing. All I see is Works Connection and Devol.

If any of you guys live around Bergen County New Jersey or NYC let me know if you want to show a newbie the ropes. Could be for riding or mechanical help. I have a 06 R1 sport bike and started riding last year at the age of 30. I know, i'm a late bloomer. This forum is just as good as the r1-forum. The stickys for the WR are very helpful. I was so relieved when I read about the exhaust header turning red was normal. Looking foward to your suggestions and help. Thanks!

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