DRZ 400 E or WR 426

I have been out of the riding circuit for 10years. I have owned several 250cc Motocross bikes. I am looking into the 2002 DRZ400 or WR426. I can prchase the DRZ for $5500 out the door and the WR for $5950 out the door.

I am from the old school so electric start seems odd on a dirt bike. Are there any advantedges?

The DRZ offers an extended warranty for 3 years. My past luck with these things sucked. Either my fault or it isn't covered. Flip side is the WR has no warranty.

My heart wants me to buy the WR but my brain is telling me the DRZ because of the warranty.

Is there any real big difference between these two bikes? I am an experienced rider and weigh 270lbs.



From a reliability standpoint both bikes are about equal. One of My riding buddies has a DRZ400 without the electric start. Having most of my 4 stroke experience with the WR, but having ridden the DRZ numerous times, I can say that the major difference between the two is more power on the WR side while less weight on the DRZ side. The DRZ is much easier to throw around in the woods while the raw power or the WR makes one able to distance the DRZ with a flick of the wrist (Given Equal Riding ability. The first time I rode the DRZ about a year ago (Stock out of the crate) I personally thought it was an underpowered dog. But after re-jetting the thing and doing some gearing changes I found it to be quite a nice bike for hare scrambles or WFO trail riding. The only place that I found the DRZ unable to truly compete with my WR is on the Motocross track....even with the suspension revalved the same. IMHO, the DRZ is a great bike, and I don't think you'd be disappointed,and the extended warranty is a definite plus.. Unless Raw ground destroying, real estate taking Power is your thing....I'd then lean in the direction of the WR.

AS you are well aware Maintenance is the key to longevity of these things. Personally I would have wasted my money if an extended warranty had been offered with my WR, as would be the case for most WR owners I know ,that take proper care of their equipment.

Good Luck...and Welcome to the Forum...

Bonzai :)

...just remember to ask what sorts of "modifications" void the warranty? Are you permitted to even rejet the thing, can you do mods to the accelerator pump jet if required, etc.

For the record, I LOVE my WR...best bike I've owned...although it's the first on only bike I've ever owned! I enjoy maximizing the speed at which I hit trees, rocks, and such... :)

YAMAKAZE i think you need to check your specs on weight suzuki says drz 249 yamaha say wr 240.imho the drz is not in the same league as the wr in almost every catagory.remember thats just my opinion,so take it easy on me.


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At 270# rider weight you will need the WRs stiffer and higher quality suspension. I would ask the dealer to put the YZ rear spring in right from the get-go. I don't recommend buying any bike that doesn't have the suspension components that you need OEM. Upgrading suspension is expensive and problematic.

Warranties on off-road vehicles are worthless 90% of the time. The Yamaha dealers will typically help you out if it is obviously a factory defect, even beyond the 30 day warranty. I wouldn't expect much better with the suzook.

Ratbiker... I've been throwing WR's around for years....The only way your going to get a WR down to 240 is to strip it down to the frame....Put one on a reliable scale....mine is 260 Wet and 251 Dry....Do a search on weight here in the forum...we have had numerous discussions about this over the past year....I don't think I have ever heard from someone with a 240lb WR.

How many DRZ's have you ridden to base your opinion? I see many placing in the top 10 during enduros and hare scrambles all the time. It is a very good and very sound machine when properly jetted and maintained, just as the WR is. Like I said before the major difference is that the available power and torque is greater in the WR. That being said, Ridership plays a major role as well. I have smoked as many DRZ's as they have smoked my WR.

Some day's your the Dog...Other days your the Hydrant...

Bonzai :)

YAMAKAZE i am happy for you and your astute analysis did you see he wants an e model which weighs in at 291 are you saying the wr is close to that i think not,that is also dry which means no liquids none no fork oil nothing as for riding a drz i would not waste my time.I have thrown my leg over one and i have a buddy who rides one and it is a pig.imho which seems a difficult concept for you to grasp.Yes the drz could be ok with jetting changes suspension setups,pipes.but for a guy just getting back into riding i still beleive the wr would be a far better investment IMHO. :):D:D

:D A big factor will be the type of riding done, if it's mainly trail/woods, for some one returning to riding then the DRZ is not a bad bike, but the WR could be a bit of a handful (uncorked, grey wire etc etc etc....) but if any tracks are planned, the WR wins hands down, I have ridden a DRZ round a MX track (albeit an 'S') and it spent more time on it's bump stops than it did off 'em, and I don't ride hard at the track either.... :)


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DirtBike Feb02 issue DRZE 277lbs WR426 265lbs Ratbiker stands corrected :)

There was also a full 3 peak hp difference on the dyno.Guess that seperates the "pigs" that some would not waste their time on from real machines out there.The rider has a bit more to do with things than some suggest.The WR is a better overall package more power,better suspenders but also more money(and worth it).Put a capable rider on a DRZ and he could give any WR owner fits in the woods.Reading certain posts touched a nerve as is evident but this is the blue side and I should expect it.Just did not expect the bashing to be as harsh even so the DRZ is a worthy woods weapon.

My cousin has the DRZe, I have a WR426. I have got some time on the DRZe and have ridden it back to back with the WR. The DRZe is a nice bike, ya know, the magic button and all. But it is not in the same league with the WR. You would need to spend an awful lot of money to make it close to a WR in performance. The DRZe falls about halfway between a WR and a XR400 in performance. At least the XR still gets a green sticker here in California. Get the WR, for your weight get .48kg fork springs and a 5.6kg shock spring. Put some good bars on it and ride the snot out of it.

SUZUKIS own specs say 291.i say it is heavier than that!rides heavier than that, and does that make it lighter than the wr?HUH which was the discussion in the first place.I know it is tough to follow along but lets all try to concentrate.As to your blue comment i dont own either bike so i would say i am a little less bias than a guy who obviously made the mistake and bought a yellow bike and frankly seems bitter! i am actualy a 2 stroker right now but hope to get a thumper soon and i love this site for everyones advice and opinions and comments


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Ratbiker,Ratbiker,Ratbiker.You need to get your facts straight.SUZUKIS claimed weight for the DRZ400E model is 262lbs(I am looking at the factory manual in front of my face).Now the DRZ400S(AS IN STREET MODEL)may be 291.Besides all that if you believe any of the factory claimed weights you'd need your head examined.The real world weights on these bikes are listed in my above post.The street model DRZ differs a good bit from the offroad models(weight,cam specs,carb,compression,and till 2002 suspension).Bitter about my choice of bike?Not hardly.Just bitter at guys that do bashing and have no clue what they are talking about wich seems like a difficult concept for YOU to grasp.I am riding buddies with a respected member who owns A WR426 and happens to be in an airborn picture on the coverpage for this forum.Wayneo lets hear your take on my bike.

IMO, the DRZ is kind of a pig. I even think the WR is on the heavy side. It all depends on your riding style. If you ride standing uo and like to put the hammer down, the WR is for you. The DRZ stock suspension is suspect to say the least. It is nice and plush at slow speeds, but pick up the pace and you will notice it is lacking. If you ride hard, go with the WR, if you are a casual trail rider, the DRZ would be a decent choice.

I agree with Mike68. The WR already weighs a lot and the DRZ weighs even more. After riding a friends CRF450, I can see what a difference the weight really makes. IMO, the WR has a lot of pep which makes up for it's extra weight. The DRZ is noticably slower and the weight made it feel sluggish in a sprint. I also wasn't impressed at all with the stock DRZ suspension in woops, but I felt that the WR absorbed these bumps with ease. Just my opinion.

KTM anyone ?? :)

I agree with you guys on everything except the weight issue.Power,no doubt the the mighty 426 is a brute most noted upstairs in the rpms.I have spent time on Wayneos bike and its not even YZ timed just the grey wire cut throttle stop cut and uncorked.Definite mule kick 1/2 way through the powerband.Suspenders are tight the bike overall retains alot of the characteristics of the YZ brother.The weight,the weight i've read two different mag reports and they weighed within 2 pounds of each other(DRZ kick start model).As for starting issues with the 426 it's a big load of crap.Not one single time have I seen the bike give him a hard time starting.Yet other 426 owners say they have had issues but I think its not following "the drill".KTM?????I'm not going there my buddy has a 520EXC and I hate him and his sore thumb,light and powerfull monster.

weekendtoy98DR you seem to be outnumbered you can play with the numbers all you like and fool only yourself and maybe a few of your freinds (Whoever they maybe )but facts are facts read any shoot out you want and the drz is the heaviest and PIGGEST bike of the four strokes again FACTS are FACTS live with it, what YOU can do with the bike you have chosen is yor thing but AGAIN as to the discussion was WR WEIGHT TO DRZ WHEIGHT in reference to the E model and the one and only wr model are you that biased you can't and won't see the difference.If you like and ride the drz thats great! but wouldn't it be great if you tried another bike and it had more of everything you think is great about the pig you already ride.Just my opinion and some facts everybody seems to know but a few such as yourself!Please do a little research before you waste more of your time trying to convince yourself of what everybody who wants a descent bike for there money already DID I MENTION I LOVE THIS SITE AND ALL OF THE OPINIONS AND KNOWLEDGE FOUND IN IT!knows! :):D:D:D

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You are correct sir!Facts are indeed facts.The fact is you were WRONG about the weight of the DRZE model.You were wrong am I right?Admit that much at least.You did not have your facts straight.I'm not "playing" with any numbers an E model DRZ weighed exactly 12lbs more than the Yamaha.This was real world real scale weight not numbers out of a BS brochure from a dealer.The same BS numbers that you managed to screw up any way.Never said the DRZ was a better bike nor do I think it is or try to convince anyone else it is.By the way this same thread is in the DRZ section why did'nt your non-owner of either bikes opinion get posted over there since you "love this site and the opinions and knowledge on it"?Also why have all your posts on this thread been edited multiple times?Read the whole thread again you were the only guy to soundly bash the DRZ and not have all the FACTS this is MY issue with YOU.

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