DRZ 400 E or WR 426

You are correct sir!Facts are indeed facts.The fact is you were WRONG about the weight of the DRZE model.You were wrong am I right?Admit that much at least.You did not have your facts straight.I'm not "playing" with any numbers an E model DRZ weighed exactly 12lbs more than the Yamaha.This was real world real scale weight not numbers out of a BS brochure from a dealer.The same BS numbers that you managed to screw up any way.Never said the DRZ was a better bike nor do I think it is or try to convince anyone else it is.By the way this same thread is in the DRZ section why did'nt your non-owner of either bikes opinion get posted over there since you "love this site and the opinions and knowledge on it"?Also why have all your posts on this thread been edited multiple times?Read the whole thread again you were the only guy to soundly bash the DRZ and not have all the FACTS this is MY issue with YOU.

You could always loose 12lbs to make up the difference :) .

ratbiker, The DRZ does have more balls than the XR400 and is a much better bike, so it may not be the piggiest of all.


I experienced your same situation when I bought my new bike. My Suzuki dealer was willing to sell a kick start DRZ out the door for $ 5000 and the

Yamaha dealer, only after going back 3 times came down to $6000. I felt (due to magazine articles) that the WR was faster and better suspended.

The bike was slow as delivered but came to life with a few free simple mod's.

Both are excellent choices.


After being out of the dirt for about 15 years, I bought a friend's WR426F with 120 miles on it. I'm a 185 lb. recreational rider and my last bike was a YZ490. I found the WR to be a really great bike, with it's heft being noticeable only when airborne, or after threading trees for extended periods. The suspension and motor work so well together that the weight really isn't that noticeable anywhere else. I was really impressed with the bike's stability, suspension, and very stout but tractable power. The bike isn't inexpensive, but if you're not going to be banging handguards or clearing 80'gaps on a routine basis, I feel the bike really needs nothing. A YZF tank & seat would be nice though. :) Whichever bike you choose, new springs will probably be in order, but the WR can take a heavier rider w/o much problem until the pace picks up. Good luck!

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