xr exhaust

Does anybody know if you could fit a 2004 exhaust on a 1999 xr 600?

Sorry 2004 xr 650 on a 1999 xr 600?

negative ghost rider.

completely different bikes

and no you would not want to put a 650L exhaust on your 600R.

600 exhaust rust out?

it is a fmf powercore 4 just wondering if the pipe has the same patern?

No, it won't fit. I just went through this trial and error last weekend.

I've got a '00 XR 600R and I just tried to fit a Stroker SX1 tail pipe from an '02XR 650R on it.

No luck.

The pipe bend is completely different and shorter, the welded on bolt bracket on the pipe section is in a different location, the bolt bracket on the muffler is in a different location, and the muffler is too long.

I even went so far as to cut off the bolt bracket on the pipe section to see if it would fit..... nope.

At least it was no big loss, a coworker of mine owed me a little bit of cash, and he offered me the pipe instead 'cause he had just bought a new system for his 650. I could probably tack weld the pipe bracket back on and sell it on ebay for more than what he owed me.

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