Trail Tech Vapor, or Endurance?

I am thinking about getting a computer for my bike and was wondering which ones you guys think would be better.

I primarily use my bike for trail riding. I don't ever ride on the street.

I know the Vapor has the tachometer, and temperature, but I have "heard" that finding a suitable place to mount the temp. sender can be a problem on the XR600R's.

Any words of wisdom from the boards?

check out's offerings as well. They don't have a head temp sensor but I'ld bet the supplied fluid temp sensor could be adapted if oil temp isn't your thing. I liked the larger screen size and housing with indicator lights.

I checked them out. They seem to be very nice, but come at a higher price than the Trail Tech.

Get a GPS unit no wires no hassle I have the Garmin E Trex, never skips or shuts off and takes alot of abuse.......

I have the vapor on my XR600 and it works great. I just mounted the temp sender on the metal oil line where it goes into the thead. It seems very accurate there. I find the Vapor much easier to use than my old Endurance.

I have a Garmin 376C GPS as well and the Vapor still comes in handy.

GPS Mounts -

Check out:

I use a rubber band in conjuction with the custom formed GPS holders to keep it from vibrating and wearing the cases.

I have GPS and a TrailTech Vapor on my XR650R. I have an Endurance (probably purchased in 2000) on another bike and the Endurance went haywire when I got it wet washing the bike.

I have the vapor on my XR650l along with my Garman 76cs. I got the 6mm sensor from Trailtech then I drilled and taped the drainplug on the engine and put it there and it works perfect its allways in oil.

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