New front fender...

So I was at Chaparral yesterday to get a new front fender for my 87 pig. I was looking for a different look since my black CR250 fender has a crack in it, and is about to fall off. My bike is mostly black with a red desert tank. I was looking at the Acerbis Teknik fenders....pretty cool looking, but the back part of the fender only comes in white. (or at least thats all they had in stock.) So I look off to the right of these and there's a lonely black KTM fender. Looks sweet, only $18. If it doesn't fit, I'll make it fit,I said to my self. When I got home, I had to put it on, and what do you know...bolted right up, no drilling, no cutting (except the posts for the KTM number plate I clipped off with a pair of dykes) and give a look that'snot quite 20 years old.


Thats good to know. thanks!

Thats good to know. thanks!

I went with the acerbis xr 250 front fender. Bolter right on041407_1211a.jpg

That looks better than stock Rangerfng.

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