Schaeffer's 238 Moly Supreme Grease......

I just bought some Schaeffer's 238 Moly Supreme, Synthetic Blend, Extreme Pressure Grease, NLGI grade #2. Is this the correct product to use on my swingarm and linkage??? God I hope so, I just want to get the damn job done right this time. I talked to the people at Yamaha and they laughed at me and said all that Yamaha says is to use lithium based grease, then I showed them the service book and they got all pissed off and everyone walked away from me in the shop. So I went to Honda, and they told me they never heard of it. I then went to the H-D shop, and the head tech uses it at home but they did not have any in stock and he bought a case of the stuff about 10 years ago so couldnt remember where he got it from. Finally I got it from a local Schaeffer dealer.



Thata Boy!

You got the best of the best for ol blue..


A question about the grease. Is there a specific brand that is most recommended? My Yamaha dealer didn't distinguish between lithium and moly grease and you guys are right on there is a big difference. They pushed Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease but I read the entire label and it doesn't even specify what base it is!!!! My guess would be lithium but what's the word on this?

PS- In my past life with a 327 Chevrolet engine in a Willy's jeep we used Mystic JT6. It is lithium based with NLGI 2 rating and was awesome for water resistance so we used it bumper to bumper with great success. Anyone heard of or tried it on these bikes? Thanks, Mark

Pro Honda brand sells a Moly 60 paste for about $9 for 3 oz. Part # 08734-0001. This was the only kind of Molybdenum Disulfide grease that my dealer sold. I hope it is the right stuff for Yamaha, cause that is what I am using.


All you really need is a grease with moly ADDED. The Moly acts like tiny ball bearings and reduces the friction. Read the product data sheets for any of the moly added bearing greases found in your auto supply store - they perfectly describe our application. Look at the following link:

(click here)

So don't sweat over it too much. Just go to your local auto supply and look carefully at the ingredients on the labels. I got my "Moly EP" at Autozone for a couple of bucks.

Steve T

Steve T

NEVER repeat NEVER use any oil that has moly in it in your bike. Your clutch will think its on drugs.

Hey Stream,

That sounds like the voice of experiance :)


Originally posted by streamdream:

NEVER repeat NEVER use any oil that has moly in it in your bike. Your clutch will think its on drugs.

Since this was a thread about grease rather than oil I didn't think to point that out.

Stream is right and I am not talking about engine oil. Rather, the grease for your swingarm and linkage. :)

Steve T

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