AIS Removed..funny sound?

I just took the AIS off my 05 with the TT kit. Now I hear a whistling sound like what comes from the airbox but a lot louder. I beat the plugs down as far as they would go and put the cap on the airbox. When I stand beside the bike and pop the gas, it sounds like it is still coming from the aribox but when I'm riding it and its under accerleration its a really strong sound and sounds like its coming from the front of the motor. It only makes the sound while its reving up. Say you gve it half throttle and stop. When the motor stops reving up is when the sound goes away JUST like the sound from the airbox. I don't understand how taking the AIS off would make the sound louder unless something is wrong.

BTW, it runs perfectly but is harder to start than it was before. I put the YZ needle at the 3rd clip. Jetting is a 170 main and 48 pilot and 1 3/4 turns on the fuel screw. If something is wrong, please let me know.


It maybe that the sound you hear is the air going into the carb. Do you still have the exhaust plugged up?

It is where its pulling air into the carb. I've had 2strokes in the past and they never made "that" sound. My friend owns a shop and their trx450r was his first new-age thumper. I asked him and said it did the same thing when he put the FCR on it. He thought something was wrong with his too. Thanks for the reply. Live and learn.

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