Backfire on 07' WR450F

07' WR450F with only 64 miles on it.

Mods-Grey disconect,throttle screw shorten,air box gutted,Pea shooter removed. Ran great.

I put on a TI Powercore and it fired right up the bike had smooth idle and sounded good,I did not ride. The next day I fired it up and POP POP POP backfire while trying to start. I pulled the hot start(even though it was cold) and it fired, same smooth idle and good sound. shut it off and tried it a couple hours later same thing POP POP POP :thumbsup: . What gives?

I have my JD jet kit and ZIP/TY mixture screw but not yet installed will this cure?

Thx CC

Yes, you need to jet the bike. The pipe is letting it breath more. If you put the mixture screw in and adjust it, it will help.

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