Good deal?

A guy offered me $4000 for my 2001 YZ426F and I'm not sure if i should do it. Its got lots of extras like pro tapers, Scott's stabilizer, big gun pipe, trail tech computer, IMS tank and pegs, baja designs lighting coil and street legal kit. and it is street legal in NV. should i do it?

Take it! Go buy an 07 450f.

$4K for an 01'! Take it and RUN!!!

$4K for an 01'! Take it and RUN!!!

hell you can get a left over 06 for 4800 easy!

take it and run!! i sold my '04 450 for that last summer.

do it before he changes his mind or finds somebody else.

it is street legal in NV.
I'll bet that's why. If he lives out of state, he can take it into, say, California, and get his NV plates converted to CA plates much more easily than trying to get the same thing done from scratch there.

Your bike, absent the plates, is only worth about $2500 in most places, even with all the other stuff on it. It's up to you, but hell yes I would.

If you have any intentions of selling it within the next year or so, you better do it now or you'll realize later (and regret) what a good deal it was.

Oh he11 it quick!

Sell, Sell, Sell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you plan on selling within the year, sell it now, i dont think you will get much of a better deal.

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