Trail mods for 426.

I opted for the YZ instead of the WR because my bro's WR's didn't have the snap I like, and because of the weight. So, now I have to mod for my style of riding. I'm adding a flywheel weight, and fooling with the gearing. What's the general concensus on the "Power Now" stuff? And, any suggestions on trail gearing? I've got the stock 49/14, and man, does it suck! Also- one more- jetting for 5000 to 7000 feet?

Sprockets depend on how steep and tight you are riding. I run 13/50, but all my other buddies run 13/52. Don't go any taller than 13/52, it is unneccesary.

I was thinking about a flywheel weight, but they are $200 for the YZF and I think you have to drill to mount (at least you used too). Instead I spent the extra $200 and bought the Rekluse. Excellent investment for tight trails and long days, no more armpump or stalls. :thumbsup:

Check out users' garages to find the mods that work well for them, lots of info.

bark busters, rad braces, 03 cam, and a camel pack

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