how is it

how is the 07 yz450 in the woods. and my parents said that i could get a pipe and tank but how good will this bike be in the woods. also how far can i get on the stock tank. that pipe i want is the 4.1 with quite core. y the way im oming off a 99 yz125 and a 03 yz250f

thanks in advance


Its awesome, well at least my 06 is. Of course it does take some mods to set up for the woods. I plan for 40 miles on my stock tank, but I am ordering a Clarke 3.2 gallon. For what its worth, run the stock pipe in the woods. It is already damn quiet and the quiet core for the 4.1 is a joke. Plus you cant run and SA with the quiet core, thats so stupid. :thumbsup: I have the 4.1 carbon on mine and love it, lots of low end grunt and revs great. Its just too loud for the woods. I got the PMB insert for my stocker for the woods (the 06 isnt as quiet as the 07). Check out this thread

yah i saw that about the quite core so instead i think i might get the q or the powercore4. they both seem good for trails. im already saving up for cyrcca pro bend handaurds, jd jet kit and frame gaurds, skid plate. im getting the clarke 3.2 when i get the bike, i might wait for 08 though

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