Remove YZ400 Carb

Hello All,

My brother just got a 99 YZ400F and we want to remove the carb for cleaning. It looks like the carb has two cables attached to it and we would like to know the correct way to remove the cables from the carb instead of using brute force. Is there a trick we should know? Any help is much appreciated.

No force of any kind should be required. Disassemble the twist grip first, then loosen the adjusters at the carb. They come right off.

Yamaha Owners Manuals

You going to take it to a shop for cleaning or do it yourself?.....If your cleaning it yourself take the slide out & DON'T get any brake cleaner on the o-rings like I did, lol. I sprayed brake cleaner on the big o-ring & it never was the same. Was down a week waiting for it, :thumbsup: ......Now I keep an extra one on hand.

Thanks for the suggestions grayracer and bikermice. We just needed to be pointed in the right direction. We plan on cleaning it ourselves so thanks for the tip on the o-rings! Not sure how it will all turn foot in front of the other I guess.

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