new reg/rec no power

I just did the baja stator mod to my 04 wr 450 and bought an after market reg/rec, "new" not used, wired it up, both yellows go to my ac power from bike witch is the white and yellow wires now, the red to red+ and black to black-. started it up and no charge not a bit, checked my ac out put 28-31 volts ac, i think thats right? the red+ wire is fine and black- wire is fine, my ac power wires are fine, they have no shorts to the ground (frame) anywhere. My question is has anyone ever heard of dud reg/rec is it commen, also is there anything i could have missed? thanks

Isn't the 2004 already wired with a regulator/rectifier for the battery and electric start? Maybe 28-31 volts ac is excessive and fried your reg/rec? Some cheap ones may not put up with much. Is yours the same as Baja Design's? The same type and model was also used on earlier Ski-Doo's with electric start...

no it's an aftermarket one though, and yes they are wired up for electric start but my stock reg/rec went on me so i decided on going full dc power

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