Ok what should I do?

I currently have a 2006 yz450f, I have Dr D exhaust, Talon hubs, bulldog spokes, regina chain, tag sprockets, pro taper windham bends, tall seat, boysen quickshot, asv levers, enzo suspension, yada yada yada. I have put alot of hours on the bike and the guy I bought the bike from raced it but not a whole lot. I ride almost everyday, My question is should I buy an 07 and just put like wheels and what will fit on the 2007 or just wait for 08. I have just dont like having soooooo much time on the bike. I am afraid of serious issues. Maybe I shouldnt be at all, but jesus I ride alot and this thing doesnt brake alot but I dont want it to come. Valves have never moved and I change oil everyother ride Amsoil. Always a clean filter. Should I just say F it and keep riding the hell out of it or upgrade? I just dont want downtime and issues I just feel I ride to much and nothing inside has been changed except clutch plates. I have a hinson basket on my shelf that needs to go in also stocker is shot. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Dont know why this hit me all of a sudden , just feel sorry for my bike.

well if you really havnt had any issues (besides normal wear and tear) with the bike, then i would say keep it. Unless you really really want an 07.. i really dont see anything wrong with having a bike with high hours, as long as you do the reg maint.. on it.


Most guys I know who usually get a new bike every year didnt this year. They said there just wasnt enough upgrades to the 450. If she is running good, wait and see what the 08 looks like. Your value has already taken the biggest hit, its not gonna drop a ton more in the next 6 months. Just do like I did this year. Clean her up really really good, put new plastic on and tell yourself she is new. Worked for me. :ride::thumbsup: $130.00 for new skin beats the hell outta seven grand. :worthy:

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