Really need some help here

I just bought a 1984 XR 200 for my wife. It came with a prolink from a 250 on it. I am desperatly trying to find out what year the prolink and the rear tire are from. that way i can buy bearings and sprockets for the rear tire. Are all the rear tires from honda from 1984-1989 the same as in the sprocket mounting holes and the bearing size. I sure would like some help. they are worthless over on the XR side of things. You are all great. Dont worry i still worship the blue beast. Just need help on the red side for a change.

XR-200 84-88 and 90-00, XR-250R 84-89, XR/L-350R 83-85, XR500/600 83-87 used the same rear sprocket bolt pattern.

CR-125 83-00, CR250/500 84-00, XR250R 96-00, XR400 96-00 and XR650R 00 all used the same bolt pattern.

XR 250R 90-95, XR600R 91-98 and XR650L 93-00 all the same.

I don't have any info on the bearings but I'll keep looking. I'd suggest taking the bearing to a honda shop and matching it up. If your local bike shops can not help try a bearing house. They will match it by the numbers stamped on the bearing itself.

Bring the bearings to a bearing supply store. They can match them up in a heartbeat!!

And, the bearings are generally a higher quality than OEM.

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