07 wr 450 suspension

i have brand new 07 wr 450 does anyone know if i should adjust my rear suspension, my wheigth 175, what is the factory wheigth raccomended

springs should be good just set race sag 4in and set 4 turns out compr.6 turns out rebound should be good right there

You should not need to adj your suspension yet if the bike new. Ride the bike for a couple of hours on trails first, so the suspension breaks in. Then to set your suspension turn the (compression) all the way to the hard setting, on forks and shock and ride for a couple of miles. Then turn comp to full soft and ride again for a couple of miles. Do the same for your (dampening) ie: forks and shock, as you did for your compression this will give you a base-line on your (susp). Then adj your comp and damp to were you feel the bike rides the best for you. This does take a little time to do, but it works good for me. Also you should refer to your shop manual for the susp adjustments. And if it is new you should check all your susp components for grease, the factory adds very little grease to the susp, like steering head bearings and lower swing arm linkage bearings as well as the swing arm to. This does take time to do also, but is cheaper to grease than letting Yamaha re-place all the bearings. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the your advice

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