First Aid Kits??????

lately I have been thinking that I could actually use a good first aid kit next time I go riding. we always seem to get cut, bruised, sprained or broken parts. Does anyone know where I could find a good first aid kit with a clotting compound in case of deep bleeding wounds??



Try your local Emergency Room. They should know where you could get the items you need and what additional things to put in your kit.


My first aid kit doesn't have any clotting compound, but I do carry a portable X-ray machine :) . Seriously, though, I picked up a Johnson & Johnson first aid kit at the local drug store for about $15. I was considering putting one together but the off the shelf kit had pretty much anything I'd need for most cuts and scrapes and was cheaper buying it as a kit than getting everything individually. It's nice also because it comes in a handy little box that fits nicely under the front seat of my truck.

I havent decided what to put together yet. I was thinking more of the EMS style. Last year when we were riding my brother-in-law had a bad crash on a rocky down hill section of the mississippi river valley trails in Minnesota and it could have been really ugly. luckily a 4 wheeler rider voulenteered to let him ride out the 4 wheeler and he would limp the broken XR650R (cracked frame, bars hitting the tank, exhaust torn apart)out of the trail. We were about 20 minutes from the closest town and 5 miles deep in the woods. Turned out he had a concussion, and a busted up shoulder but we got home. My thoughts are that if someone were really hurt it would take at least 30 minutes to get a chopper from the Mayo Clinic, or HCMC in the twin cities, to our crash site and that is assuming that they could even get close to us in the woods. Just some paranoia setting in.



You may try the local Red Cross they have some pretty good kits put together and the money is for a good cause. I would also recommend a first aid & CPR course.

The First aid and CPR courses are a great idea. I think everyone should be qualified. No matter what kind you get, try and add some military style field dressings. They are compact, sterile, soak up a lot of blood, and have tails long enough to tie around a person's chest. They can be bought at most surplus stores. A flexible splint is not bad also, they fold down to about 4x6x1 inch.


REI sells some excellent kits...bought one for the many mountain biking/motorcycle trips I go on. Check them out...then can get a bit pricy, but they have tons of schtuff in them...

I camp quite a bit in WVA, hospital is over an hour away on twisty mountain, some dirt roads. My buddy and I made a real nice First aid kit as well as buying and reading emergency medical books (how to give CPR, splinting a broken limb, knowing what questions to ask and how to avoid the patient going into shock, etc.) We never did take a course, but that's one heck of an idea.

A couple of things we bring that may not be so apparent.

-- Cold bags. Baxter healthcare makes a product that you burst an internal plastic bag which immediately cools the contents and acts as a cold compress. Great for reducing swelling!

-- Thick Maxi pads. These are generally not sterile, however can be used over a sterile cloth to absorb blood. Tape sticks to them well,too.

Get the BIG ones

-- Small container of fresh water, preferrably in a compressed aerosol type can. Use for flushing eyes when accidently spraying toxic fluids in the eye. We had to use this once when my buddy sprayed gun cleaning solvent in his eye, it got through the vent holes in the eye protection!

- Iodine, aspirin, neosporin, q-tips, cotton balls, snake bit kit, burn ointment, plenty of tape, guaze pads.

We don't carry a splint mainly because there are sticks/branches in camping/riding areas to utilize.

Also carry a crutch with us just in case we need to hikea small distance.

Other stuff-shoe laces, fishing wire, etc to act as a cast holder.

Take a first aid course. Just hope you don't get an instructor who works motocross races like I did. Lots of pictures and stories of motorcycle crashes - just what I wanted to hear.

You don't need a great deal of equipment. If you get a good instructor on your course they will show you all sorts of ways to improvise. One item I would recommend is a pair of really good scissors like the paramedics use. If you ever needed to get a helmet or boot off in a hurry these would help alot.

I carry a pretty basic first-aid kit to the MX track that I put together with a buddy who's a paramedic. One thing I do always do, which I've used numerous times, is keep the plastic bag the ice comes in that I fill my cooler with. After I crash I know I have something to put ice into for a cold compress.

Originally posted by Ronin:

lately I have been thinking that I could actually use a good first aid kit next time I go riding. we always seem to get cut, bruised, sprained or broken parts. Does anyone know where I could find a good first aid kit with a clotting compound in case of deep bleeding wounds??



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A company called Cheaper than dirt. Also Sportsman Guide, sell surplus U.S military medic kit's. These kits are just about everything you can imagine including, sutures, clamps, major/minor wound dressings, sucking chest wound kit, burn salve, instruction book, ect..Sorry, Swedish blonde Nurse not included.


Sounds like the best thing you could do is to visit the local fire stations and find out who of them rides. Make friends with them and get them out riding with you and your friends. You could also visit the ambulance services, emergency rooms and medical centers in your area for the same thing.

Seriously, as first responders the fire and ambulance personnel could give you great advise.


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