How hard hitting is the uncorked 07 WR450F motor??????

The stock wr450 was like an XR250, it was a dog. I have a 250f also and it is a fast bike not doubt, I don't think my WR with all the mods is THAT much faster, more torque, faster, yes, but not blown away power difference... maybe I need the pipe. My 02 YZ250f with a DR D pipe wheelies through 3rd wr does the same but with more torque but it is not so hugh as to be blown away. I think I need a pipe. My WR has ais, snorkle removed, throttle stop, didnt do grey wire yet.... we'll see. I want more out of it for being a 450, it should be a bit faster than just the free mods I've done so far. That is just being straight up honest. But I will have to check into pipes and see if they make a huge difference. I don't need power super low just lower mid to high. It is a great bike though.

Change the pipe and do all the mods - THEN if you want a comparison to a 250F, then change the 450 sprockets to the same size as the 250's and then see which bike has a heap more power!!!

Everyone keeps saying "my yz this and my yz that". a yz is also geared to do around 100 km/h.

uncorked power figures say it all, 250's are around 37hp and 450's are more around the 50 mark.

Anyway thats my 2 cents.

After reading through this thread one has to wonder why anyone would want power that is so hard hitting for tight single track?

You guys must have a different idea about what is tight and what is hard hitting. I like power but I want it smooth and not so abrupt.

I'm just saying.

After reading through this thread one has to wonder why anyone would want power that is so hard hitting for tight single track?

You guys must have a different idea about what is tight and what is hard hitting. I like power but I want it smooth and not so abrupt.

I'm just saying.

I DON'T want to have more power than it has at this time for the TRAIL, my bike is perfectly fine having done all the mods for the trail, BUT I have ordered a supermoto kit, and I'm licensing the bike for street use so the ability to pull with a smaller rear sprocket is what I want. I will be switching back and forth between set up for trail/dual sport and supermoto. The bike rocks for this type of application, period. But for those of you who want YZ power go get a YZ.

If you are a trail rider, smooth linear power is what you want. If you ride tracks you need hard hitting power. Thats why you have a choice between the WR and YZ, buy the bike that fits your riding style.

I got the WR because I ride single track and want to be in control, but have the power to move when I need to.

I have ridden a few 250F's various brands, and I would never consider them to have anywhere near the power of a 450F...not even close.


After doing the MOD's the bike ended up being just right! It's the perfect for me. It has the snappy motocross feel I was looking for. I use the word "feel" because it's not the same as a YZ but close enough for me to pretend that I'm a motocrosser, LOL.

I have also learned to love the smoother than YZ power in the tight stuff. When I find myself lugging it, the WR realy shines. I love this bike, what a perfect balance for me!

I had the XR650R out the other day on a short street trip that ended on mountain fire roads. I was feeling realy dissapointed with the XR after ridding the WR. The WR felt even faster on the top end, even on the street.

I went out again, the next day, on the XR thinking that once the WR is plated I won't be ridding it much anymore. Woooow! I must have cleaned out some clogged jets or something from the first ride. The XR rocked! I was reminded why I love that bike (when running right). It got me to an easy 100+MPH (yes, it's modified) on the street. It was also a lot of fun on the fire roads, very little shifting. 3rd gear was the happy spot, low enough to pull hard after some slowing for turns but high enough to get me to dangerous speeds on straight sections.

Besides the street, I will be faster on the WR in most all conditions, I don't have the balls to open the XR to full speed on the dirt. The XR doesn't make me feel like a Motocrosser like the WR does but it I will stay my go to bike for stuff that it is best suited for. I'm a luck man to have both bikes.

What's that I hear comming from the garage? Oh, it's my ZX11D saying, "try ridding one of those plated dirt bikes on your 120 Mi work comute, A@# hole!

Excuse me for a second.

Sorry ZED ZED, I didn't mean to leave you out, I love you too. LOL

the yz cam and powercore exhaust will help. stiffer springs and then i'm set. i really don't think this bike will need a steering dampener, the wheels are really planted, however, my footpegs are dragging a little until i get larger springs. the quick shot 2 and smaller leak jet (#50 to richen the squirt) really helped pick up the throttle respons, definately reccomend this.

the engine breaking is more noticable then the yz 450.

The wr has a great low/midrange hit. Spending the money on the aftermarket goodies is really worth it with this bike. I did an fmf megabomb titanium header and 4.1 muffler, fmf jets, powernow carb insert, accellerator cover, and an aftermarket filter. I might skip the yz cam mod. It moves your powerband around. I like the low end power for the trails. I have a 2004 crf450r and it is a bit faster, but on the trails it is no match for the comfort of the wr. The 450r has top end motocross type power, that I don't really like for the trails. Some guys only like motocross bikes though. Oh yeah, get the guts racing soft seat right away. It is very necessary.

The derestricted WR will eat the XR650 for breakfast. Seriously it goes like a bat out of hell. Done 2000km on mine and love every minutes. I have owned several off road bikes and nothing compares to the WR

So now that all of you have said how awesome the 07 WR is how does the 08 compare i just bought one last week and am just finishing breaking it in before i do all the mods to it....any thoughts?

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