'07 Yz450

I haven't ridden for a year now but what I came off of is a '01 YZ426 in which I thought had a lot of balls and was pretty much easy to maintain... I loved the power it had and I rode her hard from the showroom floor till April '06 mostly in the sand & tracks/trails... My question however is this: Which bike now days would suit the power that I was used to? An '07 CRF450 or the '07 YZ450?

Now I know this is the YAMAHA forum but I thought I'd ask anyways... The newest bike I've ridden is my cousins '04 CRF450 which I loved the light feel of, and my other buddies '03 YZ450 which was also a beast in the power department as my '01 426 was... Please help me decide...

The 07 yz450 is deceptively powerful. It feels so smooth, almost like it's an electric motor. You don't feel like the bike is that fast but it really is. The honda has your typical four stroke hit, which is really nice as well. If you were to ride them back to back you would swear the honda is much faster but i think it just has to do with the delivery of the power between the two bikes.

They are both such great bikes that it really comes down to personal preference

It depends on whether you want the bike to be thrilling or effective. The power of the CRF more exciting. The YZ450 will, in most people's hands, turn faster lap times. Plus, there are a number of reasonably simple things that can be done to beef up the low end power of either of the new YZ450's significantly.

I agree completely with the two opinions offered and would add from direct experience since my last two were 02 and 05crf450's that there are some noticable differences which you also might consider: airfilter service is much easier due to the fact that Yamaha must have reasoned that a actual human hand has got to reach in and pull out the filter, spokes on the excel rims don't loosen near as frequently as the DID's that are on the Honda. Also the suspension is much more subtle compared to the Honda and I would venture to say although I have not ridden trails of yet that the Yamaha will excel over the Honda simply because of its smoother power characteristics. Overall the Yamaha is a very impressive machine.

I would have to agree with Grayracer, I owned a (01 426, 03 450 ). I now own a 07 450 w/ a G2 throttle, 9 oz. flywheel and a 50 t sprocket, the bike is very smooth and forgiving. I now can ride single line tracks in 2nd gear which is less shifting. I would buy the bike again if I had too.

Have fun

ps. If you find yourself in a trouble situation, pull in the clutch a little, gas it! ............ you'd better be holding on tight

Thanks for everyones help.... It is very much appreciated... I should also say that 90% of my riding is done in the dunes: Moses Lake, Glamis, St. Anothony's and then 5% trails, 5% tracks but I do not race...

The biggest issue which was not mentioned is the top ends of these beasts. I have had several Hondas, and it gets real old dropping a thousand bucks into the top ends every 30-40 hours of riding. The Yamahas - for whatever reason, seem to last much, much longer. Also without the big perimeter frame the Yami is much easier to work on. And let's not forget the counter balanced engine on the new Yamaha - NO VIBRATION! Very smooth power.

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