engine pics needed

I need a pic of were the oil lines connect to the engine from the frame. Also does any one know what the oem part # is for both of these pieces. It’s the piece that the oil line goes over. The engine i have didnot come with the pices, and i dont know what parts to order to put there.

Year/Make/Model would be helpful.

sorry about that its a 03 yz450f but I think 03-05 have the same set up

They do, but other years are somewhat different.

Here's the oil lines:


And here is the picture of the frame screen (item 2) :

What are you missing?


thanks alot i see what I need now. Im missing #18 and #23 i thought that the pices on the end of the oil line came separately, but its all one unit.

If you are talking about the pieces of rubber hose on the oil lines, youu can replace those, if you like, with automotive oil hose, such as that for power steering return lines.

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