Blown-up BRP for $1000

:thumbsup: I left a cell phone message for the guy this morning. I hope he calls me back, I will buy it from him, Thanks for the post.

If i had a R i would buy just for the parts alone GPR is half the value

I wonder why there are no pics of the right side.

I'd love to have it and stick an XR600 motor in there.

XR600AF... har har.


I wonder what happened that the case halfs are bad.. ???

I talked with the guy last night, says he was riding down the road and boom! Say's changed oil reguarly, etc, took off skidplate, holes in bottom of motor, leaking coolant, etc. I am checking into shipping cost to get bike crated and shipped to me.

Good luck, price doesnt seem too bad and while I could never justify ripping my BRP apart, a blown motor could warrant a 680 kit and some other goodies.

The 680 is badazz along w/ the II cam, and the Eddee really fun power..............

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