XRL oil screen

Anyone?? there are 2 oil screens on the 650ls,one on the fitting in the down tube and another inside the motor that i saw in my manual. SO how often have you guys dropped the side case to remove, inspect, and clean the one in the motor???? TY

Got an 06 650l with 6k on it and I never have checked the case screen. The frame one yes, too much work to check. So I'm waiting till the clutch needs r/r.Had to pull the stator cover and that was a bit%^ to scrape the gasket off the case without gouging it:banghead:


I only check the case screen when I'm into the engine for some other reason. On all the XR's and XL's that I have owned, I have never seen very much debris on the case screen. I do the frame tube screen every 2 or 3 oil changes.

Yeah i just picked up 2 MAG drain plugs for the down tube and motor so im gonna get those in soon. I guess its prolly safe to wait for a clutch change to check the screen it has 9k miles on it so who knows when ill have to change clutch ive only had this for a month now

I decided to check the case screen this year. It's a '99 with over 9000 miles, it was perfectly clean. My gasket totally fell apart when I pulled the case open. Spent about $25 on a new gasket from the dealer and had to wait almost a week for it to come in. Then it took atleast an hour to scrape off the old gasket. I would recommend waiting till you need to take it apart for some other reason.

Mine was perfectly clean. 03 8,000 miles.

12,500, checked when I did a 102.4mm big bore and it was clean as a whistle.

Ive only checked my frame down tube once at 7k mi. and it was very cleen. Wast of my time it turned out.

Thanks guys Installed my 2 mag drain plugs so ill just check the down tube screen next time and wait for the engine screen

Do they have a mag plug for the down tube yet?

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