Oil Leak... Help please

I have just re-fitted my engine to my o3' WR 450 after having a Wiseco piston and the YZ cam Fitted. The bike started on about the 4th kick, but i noticed oil coming from the left hand side oil pipe that attatches to the bottom of teh engine..

I removed the pipe and the little collet with the o-ring, and re-fitted them, but its still leaking oil.. Anyone have any ideas? Am i missing an o-ring maybe? (theres 1 over the collet).

Any help would be appreciated :thumbsup:

Do you guys reackon i need to replace the o-ring seal? it didnt appear to be broken?

I'd replace the o-ring and make sure both of the mating surfaces are flat. Also make sure that there are no gouges where the sleeve (collet) mates with the case.

The end of the pipe is soft aluminum. If you over torqued it, you can squeeze it and it will not be square. It will pull the part of the pipe, where the collet and o ring sit, away from the engine case.

You'll know when you look at it. I'll bet the bolt is bent also.


Yip i think thats exactly what i have done, the bolt was slightly bent, and its oozing out oil even with a new o-ring.. Looking at it, it does not look square..

Any easy way of fixing this? I thought i may have damaged the treads also, but i think there ok..

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