2002 426 oil capacity

Hey all

my first post so be kind with the flames...

I found the manual somebody was cool enough to scan for a 2001 ,,I don't imagine the 2002 is much different my ? is I drained about a liter out of my bike and the manual says the capacity is 1.5 to 1.7 depending , I put 1.5 into mine ran it a bit and is waaaaay over on the dipstick.Is this normal am I in danger of blowing out a seal?


Did you drain the frame, case, or both? It sounds like you only drained the case.

I know you will get some blowby if you overfill. Don't know about blowing seals.

I got some help apparently I only drained the engine and not the frame 2 plugs...:thumbsup: who new??

yeah... we all learn a few new things on these bikes.

welcome to TT

Thanx this place will really help me out of some jams for sure..How many Canadians here?

Canadians aren't allowed here since the Aussies took over.

JK :worthy:

You need to visit this web site:



LOL are the throttles on the left down there?

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