Easy way to adjust rear shock??

Is there an easier way to adjust the rear shock? The manual says remove the rear frame. There gotta be an easier way. I need to add a little more sag.


'02 WR426 -- 1.5 hours on it so far :)

Soon to be street legal

good aim with a brass punch and a small hammer worked for me. it just took a little patience and time.


Make sure you spray the shock threads with

wd-40. I took the airbox out to get to mine, but for a minor adjustment, the drift and hammer

works ok.


If you put the bike on a stand and get the weight off the swingarm, it is easy to spin the adjustment ring.

Bonzai :)

I asked the same question a while back. Best/easiest answer?

Put it on a stand and turn the SPRING - just make sure to loosen the lock nut first.


It only takes about 5 minutes to remove the subframe assembly and it does make it way easier to adjust. The only downside is that you need to reinstall the subframe to check the sag. Don't forget to take off the bolt that holds the rear brake reservoir.

One other question to this. The guy at the shop said the rear shock should loosen up a little once the bike gets broke in. Since I have only about 1.5 hours on the bike is it ok to give it more sag now? Just seems to stiff for me right now. Maybe I need to gain a little weight. :)

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Ron, I my WR426 loosened up quite a bit after the first 15-20 hours. I couldnt beleive how tight it was before break-in and it just......well I could take this in a completly different direction.



Just got finished loosening it up a little. Spun the collar about a 1/2 inch up. Much better. Hopefully get to ride this weekend.

Now onto adding the E-line multisport kit.

Thanks all,



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