03 450 handling

its been a while but what were some of the mods done to this bike to make it handle better? i already had the suspension done, thanks

either applied racing offset clamps or Storm link will help the beast turn

either applied racing offset clamps or Storm link will help the beast turn

what stormlink do you recommend?

A good set of tires will make a world of difference.

id get a top clamp off ebay or something applied clamps are very reasonable

the stormlink has been discussed in these forums and they seem to just raise the rear of the bike you might wanna search the forum on the link

a new front tire is great and the right air pressure really helps

I have the 04' which is pretty much the same.

1) Get the Stormlink


Click on "Products" than click on "Suspension linkage", than "O3'-04' YZF 450/250"

2) Raise the fork tubes to the second line (I believe this is the 10mm line)

3) Put a Pirelli Scorpion Pro tire on the front....pretty much performs well everywhere, and use a Pirelli MT-16 on the rear (They only have the 120mm, not the 110) I genrally run 12 p.s.i., or if it's rocky, than go to maybe 15 p.s.i.

These 3 things have helped the bike quite a bit. She will not stand up in the corner's as much, and you won't wash out like before.

The most effective is the Stormlink which really helps..but do all three.

You will never get the bike to handle/turn as well as a 06'-07' model, but it will definately be better.

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