Xl600r generator

Hi, I could not find a section for electrical but recent electrical questions where here so i hope ive posted in the right place, I have just bought a new generator for my 86 xl600r, the generator is model G46, link below, this generator has one extra green wire, this is not in the standard or in the manual schematic. any ideas?

colour are pink, yellow, white/yellow for lights and black/red to cdi.

could this green go to ground/chassis.

Thanks in advance for any help.




That is a dual output stator. There are two lighting coils which should be good for 100 to 125 watts each. I'm pretty sure that the stock stator had only a single lighting coil. The black/red is the ignition high voltage source. Use a ohm meter to see which of the wires go to the lighting coils. The two coils should be isolated from each other. You should be fine just using a single coil and wrap the other ends in electrical tape. If you want you could run the headlight on one coil and the rest of the electrical system from the other. You will need another AC regulator to do that.

Thanks Cleonard

I will do the checks and get it fitted tomorrow, if you could have a look at this page you will see why,it says:

G41 XL600, XL600R, XR600, High-Power lighting (Ignition-Charge coil built in) (single phase)

G46 XR500R, XR600, XL600 R. Replacement for stators with two ignition charging-coils (Ignition-Charge coil built in) (single phase)

the g46 has two small seperate ignition charging coils but stock only has one wider one coil.


Checked the wires

pink to yellow 80 ohm, charging coils

white/yellow to ground is lighting bit i get no reading

white/yellow to green 80 ohm

black/red to ground 136 ohm


The 80 ohms has got to be the high voltage coil(s) for the ignition, but 80 seems a little low. The lighting coil will be at most an ohm or so.

I guess I got the G41/G46 swaped one on that web page.

All Sorted, turns out, G46 alternator/ generator has five wires

pink and yellow charging

white/yellow lights, the green wire that is not standard goes to ground/chassis. no lights if not connected.

Black/red to cdi.

Starts way better, spark was weak to begin with and had to be kicked hard with the plug out to see a spark, new generator, not such a hard kick needed to see a spark. I`ll see how it is at the weekend, when hot and dropped etc.



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