Is the HRC Needle seat different from stock?

I see Baja Designs offers the B53E needle (part 151009) but it doesn't come with a needle seat. Is the stock seat the same part?

You should get a needle, an E-clip, and a needle jet when you order this kit. It was $35 at my local Honda shop. You need the Needle Jet with the correct Needle if you swap them out.

I looked into the needle jets before and came to the conclusion that they are identical for both the B53E and B53D jet needles. I came short of actually mic'ing the two needle jets but was satisfied that they are the same.

But as Billahjack said, the jet needle should come with a new needle jet. At least when you buy it straight from Honda it comes with one.

The tapers are supposed to be a little different on the needles for a different fuel mixture relative to throttle position (fuel curve?). I have not measured the jets either, but the Honda dealer told me not to mix them up.

Just so I'm not making things confusing by using the terms "needle jet" and "jet needle"....(hell, that nearly confuses me and I'm typing it, lol).... :thumbsup:

Yes, the needles themselves are different. However, I do not think the jet the needle slides into is different. When you order a new needle (be it stock or the HRC) the jet needle comes with a new needle jet (damn terms with their nearly identicalness!) but I believe the needle jet (needle seat) is the same piece.

The reason I wanted to know about that was because I wanted to know if I needed to switch the needle jet everytime I switched the needle. I decided I did not need to do that.

Also, the seat doesn't have to be pressed out like some carbs. Once you remove the jet holder, the seat will fall out - it's simple to replace.

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