650L throttle cable ?

I have replaced my stock bars with Pro Taper CR high bend bars....2 yrs. ago.Worked great then....but! My grips needed replacing, so after the work my throttle tube wont return and sticks at "cruise control." Glue is not between the bars and tube. I fooled with the linkage on the carb and it worked for ten minutes. Whats the trick? By the way its a 650L! Helpful replys only you "R" experts and Baja wanna's!:thumbsup:

Did you remove the throttle assy.? and inspect the cables .after 2 years of riding you should...or did you just cut off the old grip and slide on a new one??? ..do you run hand guards that mount in the bar ends?... I would disconnect and actuate each cable individually to see if either had resistance and look for frays ..then check for proper routing...and also inspect the carb pulley for a possible malfunctioning return spring ...hope this helps a little.

lube your cables butt-head. btw you never call any more :applause:

I had a similar problem. Loosen the nut adjusters and reset them, that should work!

Do you have the throttle tube pushed on to far?

a second on loosening the cables at the carb. If both are too tight the cable binds up were the cable curves.

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