Chain rubbing block??? 13T????

How long is the chain rubbinmg block (front) lasting with a 13 T sprocket????

The oem chain buffer is completely suspect with the oe 14t cs.

Do a search for swingarm cracking.

The tm designs replacement seams impervious to abrasion or wear but is louder than stock and transmits more vibes to the fasteners that secure it, I have had to timecert both mounting points in the swingarm.

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Mine lasted appx 800 miles w/ a 14tooth, another 900 miles with 13T. I just replaced it, however I could have got another couple of hundred miles out it. It was about $32 I believe.

Riding is 75% trails/mud/clay/quartz, 25% MX clay/dry dirt.

I leaned away from the TM guard. Not due to cost, the loud sound they make would make me worry something's wrong with the engine or perhaps something is caught in the wheel. I'm afraid I would be constantly stopping to "check it out" OR I would get used to it and ignore a "REAL" sound that could be causing a problem (like a stick rubbing the spokes, engine pinging, or worse).

Just my opinion, if I understand correctly the TM will outlast the stock guard which is great, yet the noise would either distact me or lead me to believe something is wrong or worse I would ignore or simply not hear a real sound that could be a problem.

I seem to get crap caught in the linkage/spokes/swingarm/frame on a regular basis, though.

Mcarp, you are absolutely right.

All my riding buddies stop me to tell me my bikes knocking. I hear it a lot(sic).

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