650l Electrical Help Needed

I was planning on taking the pig up north for the weekend and doing some riding... just for giggle I decided to fire it up before loading it on the trailer and low and behold it wont start. I checked for gas and it is getting plenty so I pulled the spark plug and tested for spark. When I turn it over I will get one spark and that's it. When I hit the starter for a second time I get nothing. I tried the kill switch back and forth and hit the starter again and I will get a single spark. I pulled the switch off the bars and the inside of the switch is junk. Is there any way to cut the switch out of the loop so to speak and get this beast fired so I can get some riding in?????

I beleave that you can do that. i would not reccomand keeping it that way though. you also have to worry about water getting on it. it is a simple switch designed just like a likght switch two wires off is open and does noe allow current and close is completing the circut.. did it with my xl 600 as a quick fix

So I tried jumping the wires, and am still getting a single spark on most attempts to fire it and occasionally I will get a few pops when trying it like it wants to start but won't. What else could I look at as possible issues? It also seems as though after I try and start it and I get A spark that I have to disconnect the wires in order to get anything resembling a spark again.

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