Venting Front sprocket cover

I cant find a Vented Front sprocket cover. I am thinking about doing it myself and modding the OEM one has anyone done it before. Yup I am going to try to mess with it tomorrow. will post progress in my garage

I moded my OEM with a roto zip no problem. Its easier to hose the grease build up out of it.

Cool I have the roto zip too, but am using the dremil. I will post my progress looks good so far. cleaning 11 years of greese and grime seens to have been the hardest part so far

The XR's only case saver looks like a cover with slots but has the added feature of protecting the case if the chain grenades. It's a little pricey but I can't seem to find any others.

Ok guys here is the finished sprocket cover. tell me what you think. I have more pics in my garage.



nice job :thumbsup::worthy: i think i'll have to do that on mine too :ride:

Saw this mod in your garage, am thinking of doing it myself now.

thank you guys. Two quick notes on the Mod. Be sure you clean all the greese off good before you start your cutting. as soon as the greese hit the cutting dicsc i hqad more smoke than cutting. and make sure you buy re enforced cutting discs I had a fly off on another froject which wound up in my cheek. Take your time the dremil is going to want to pull alot.

If you can get your hands on a roto zipp you might want to give that a try.

have one of those too. they are great. far better than dremil

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