426 fouled plug?

So I am going riding tomorrow, and of course the one time I think my plug fouls is tonight. Does Kragen auto parts have these plugs? IS there any way to install in less than 5 minutes? 02 yz426

Are you sure the plug is fouled? Four strokes normally don't foul plugs....No way that I know of to replace the plug in five min....You have to remove the gas tank to get at it. It's about a 20 min. job if all goes well.

well the seat and tank are off right now...how long is the install with a new plug? Where can I get one?

when i bought my 02 426.. i fouled i think 6 plugs before it cured itself.. i dunno why it was doing this.. but it took me about 10 mins to full out change the plug.. from tear down to install agian.. so its possible.. why are you in such a rush?

I'm supposed to go riding tomorrow! I still don't know where to even get one

Do yourself a favor and buy more then one this time.

i have a 01 426 and changing the plug sucks. the bikes are so picky and you should drop down to whatever letters i gorget and one number below stock. they start easier and they run a hell of a lot better man. try it out. they suck to do though

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