XR650L 2006 or 2007 Best Buy?

Been reading the board for awhile, it's time to buy a bike. I got into to Vintage MX, but it's time to move on from tinkering and onto riding. Looking at a 2006 with 93 miles asking $ 5,000.00 maybe can negoiate or a 2007 with 252 miles some scratches firm at $5000.00, opinions? Now in LA,CA you buy a new one for $4999.00 or OTD 6209.00, what way should I go?

get the 06. the bike hasnt changed in 10 years. get the new one if you want the warrenty

For the price difference, if I were you I'd buy new. That way you know you're the only one who has pounded on it. I just bought an '07 and it's nice having a bike someone else hasn't monkeyed with.

The two used ones sound like a better deal. You should be able to tell if some one abused them in that short of a time.

Did they make a different CA model on a 650L? If they did, try to avoid getting that unless you have to. Otherwise, a newer 650L consists of cool new graphics and a bigger price tag.

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