G'day gents!

I looked in the top sticky and couldn't find an answer to this question. I did see some of the 'bugs' to look for though, so I appreciate that. The question I have is, other than in an owner's manual because I don't have one and would rather not spend the money now before I even have the bike, where can I find an actual Yamaha recommended service/maintenance schedule? Reason I am asking is due to the fact that I may be picking up a 2003 YZ450F and I need to be able to have some 'haggling' questions so to speak. I was looking originally at a 2004 CRF250X but luckily I did some searches and realized that the maintenance schedule of that bike seems ridiculous for a so called trail bike. Anyway, let me know what you guys know!


I looked in the top sticky and couldn't find an answer to this question.
Didn't look hard enough, mate:

downloadable owner's manuals

I went to that but the files were way too big for me to download here at work. They were taking way too long, so I figured I would see if somebody here just had like a www.rickramsey.net website type thing.


Great linky thanks Gray..

Just updated my library of manuals :worthy:

TeamPrecision, you must have a real slow link that only took a few seconds...:thumbsup:

I do, I'm at work and we have TWO DS3 connections and I still have less than 120K for bandwidth on a good day!


Here's ours with one DS3 feed to the ISP:


Whatever server is throttling your bandwidth needs some tweaking. The source site in Australia is a little slow, and it's the bottleneck for me, but it still only takes a couple of minutes.

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