WR450 owners manual

Hi guys, just bought a 2003 WR450f and glad I found this forum, some great info on here, does anyone know where I can find an owners manual to download as I didnt get one with the bike.

Just need some help with the hot/cold start procedure and what that extra lever next to the clutch does.

Thanks to anyone who replies :thumbsup:

thanks Mark, much appricieted

I have an 03, here is my starting ritual:

Cold Start:

1. Turn on fuel petcock

2. Pull out choke

3. Press power switch(redlight will illuminate)

4. Gas throttle about 3-5 times

5. Press ignition button

Hot Start:

1. Pull in hot start decompression lever then release

2. Follow steps 2-5 for cold start

yamaha.com has a link to parts and service manuals.

i find the part numbers i need and walk the print out into the dealer

when i need parts havn't tried the service manual yet

at the bottom of the main yamaha site page there is a icon for off road vehicles, this will redirect you then the upper left corner of the next screen has icons for year make and model


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