Question about DB Dawg...

I have been the owner of a 01' WR426 since 01 and I just recently got an 00' YZ426. As soon as I got the 00' I checked the valves and all was in spec. The bike seemed to run good and there was no sign of smoking or anything.

Easter weekend I installed the DB Dawg I had in my WR and noticed the other night that when I started the bike up in the garage the garage was filled with smoke and I had a strong fume odor all over my clothes. I removed the DB Dawg and it was covered with black soot.

Could this insert of caused something to go wrong due to the added back pressure or what?

The insert shouldn't have anything to do with the smoke and black soot. It's likely that your valve seats leak based on the age of the bike. I have a 2000 YZ426 too and I've got the same issue. If the bike sits for a while then it smokes when I start it up as oil has leaked past the seals and into the chamber. The oil burns off quickly and after 30 seconds of running the smoke is gone and does not return.

I read your post because I wanted to know about the db DAWG. A track being built near my place is gonig to have AMA sound restrictions and my Dr.D exhause certainly won't pass right now. In fact, I doubt anything will help it to pass, but I'm curious to know how much the db DAWG helped reduce your sound level.


By the way... I have since removed the DB Dawg and haven't been using it for the last couple of weeks and no more smoke... So go figure

My db Dawg is supposed to be delivered this Friday. I'm going riding Sunday, I hope it works......

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