loudest pipe youve ever heard

I'd say the older pro circuit T-4 I had on the ole 426 was the loudest I've heard.

01' 426 with a BIG GUN race series pipe and silencer.

I was at a race several years ago.....in front of me was a older 426 that the muffler cannister (the end of the system)broke completely off during the race and the header was completely open....as I got closer to the the rider as his bike ran like poop after this..., the louder the bike got....passing it was downright painful to my ears......the loadest pipe I ever heard on a 4stroke....painfully load....

My old 426 had a PC T4....with multi endcaps.....the endcap that had the largest hole was downright the loadest pipe I ever rode with....

My buddy has a full Pro Ciruit Ti-4 for his '05 and it is stupidly loud. He took it off and runs the stock set up now.

I have a WB E2 and I'm running 5 baffles and the endplate and it's not too loud...it will be tested this weekend.

Loud pipe = spode

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