Lucas fuel system treatment

I was just throwing this out.

I had bought a bottle of Lucas fuel system treatment for my truck. The label says Injector Cleaner, but also says it works with any gas engine, even small engines.

Just cause I was bored, I threw 1 oz. of Lucas into 5 gallons of motorcycle gas. First thing I noticed was the pilot adjustment was a bit off. I had to richen it up by 1/2 turn. Not sure why, other than maybe the Lucas is slightly harder to atomize into the air.

After running around initially, I didn't notice much. But, now I'm on my second tank of fuel with the Lucas in it, and my pig seems to idle smoother, has slightly less hessitation, and starts easier cold. My spark plug looks very clean, and the jetting is dead on.

Not sure what you guys think, but it's pretty cheap stuff. A 5 oz. bottle is 3.99 and will treat 10 stock tanks of fuel, (25 Gal). I am undecided on whether to run this stuff full-time.

I just put a bottle of that in my old land cruiser,but it hasn't healed it yet.

I swear by that stuff and always use it in my bikes. My personal formula for dirt bike gasoline is 5 gal premium, 1 oz Lucas Fuel System Treatment and 2 oz Marvel Mystery Oil. Some have said that the MM will eventually foul my plug but I've used the same plug for 3 years now, regularly check it but never clean it, and the bike starts easily and runs great. Maybe I will replace it one of these years... :thumbsup:

I thought I'd update this.

Went riding yesterday at IMI motorsports. I've been there 1000 times, so I know how my bike reacts to the terrain & conditions there. Had my 3rd tank of fuel with Lucas crap in it.

Like stated before, my pilot adjustment has to be set a bit richer with the additive. But, here are the other differences I noticed:

1. Easier to start, both hot & cold.

2. Idles smoother.

3. Slightly better response just off idle.

4. Smoother power through the entire power-band.

5. The engine ran cooler. (the coolant in my bottle did not raise as much as normal)

And lastly, I got 5 miles more in before I hit reserve. With my stock tank, normal is 55 miles at that track and I'm on reserve. Yesterday I hit 60.

I'm no expert on fuel additives, but this stuff does what it says it's going to do.

Ok, I'll play devil's advocate. :worthy:

Could it just be the power of suggestion?


I'm now on my second tank full with my truck and it is definitly running better.

Sounds like it's worth trying.:thumbsup:

Ok, I'll play devil's advocate. :worthy:

Could it just be the power of suggestion?


No, it's not. I have that bike 3 years, and put 8000 miles on it. I know how it runs inside & out. At IMI motorsports I have NEVER gotten more than 55 miles out of a tank of gas. Last weekend, I got 60 miles on both days.

I'm having to keep the pilot adjustment richer than I've ever needed it before. Especially since I'm at 5000ft. and run a 70S pilot jet. It's weird the fuel economy is better with a richer setting.

And lastly, the spark plug came out cleaner than I've ever seen it before.

I'm a bit more skeptical about it in my truck. I haven't noticed near the improvement, but my truck does have 170,000 miles on it. It may be running the best it can with it's age.

Ok, I'll play devil's advocate. :ride:

Could it just be the power of suggestion?


Devil's advocate has a point.

In their advertising, Lucas says, "It Works!" If that were true and you were Lucas, wouldn't you rush to publish lab/scientific verification of that claim?


Got some bad gas at a mini mart and bike would not run past idle circuit. Threw some acetone in and now it runs fine. Not Lucas but just thought I'd throw this out there.

I bought it to clean my injectors out and it was the 1st thing I came to in the store. Seems to be doing something good.

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