Panoram owners!!!

I'm trying to gauge the interest in a spreadsheet program to complement the Panoram.

The program would keep track of your total ride time, max speed, adv. speed, # of laps, distance, # of crashes, # of stalls, and a few other things. I can email a sample if anyone would like to see it (xls format).

If there is enough interest, I will contact Geoff at Trail Tech in hopes to make them available for sale with the Panoram. If he is not interested, I may sell them myself.

Please give me some feedback




I'm interested, but don't really understand what exactly it is you mean.

Is this an new interface between the Panoram and the PC (that will push data to an Excel file? Or is it just he Excel file itself that automates totals and makes it easy to enter data?

I would be interested in a new, cool automated interface, but wouldn't spend $ on a spreadsheet unless it was extremely cool. I used to work w/ Excel quite a bit, don't know how involved you plan on making it...such as flagging time totals to maintenace tasks with reminders to do a task.

Can you give some more details? Or send a sample to ??

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