WR400 Dune Set-up and baffle question....

Hey everyone, I finally got my bike running from my other post.

Anyways, it has some slight jetting issues but other than that the thing is a wheelie machine.

I'm going to be heading to Silver lake sand dunes here in Michigan in a couple weeks and will be riding with a bunch of 250 2Strokes. Just curious what people have done to set their WR's up for the dunes. The bike is fully uncorked (Baffle, gray wire, and throttle stop) I heard a 13 tooth sprocket is the way to go?

Also, the bike came with no baffle and the dunes have a sound requirement which I guarantee it won't pass right now. Are their preffered aftermarket baffle set-ups for the WR400 that you can purchase? Any favorites?

Two weeks ago was my maiden voyage into the dunes (Glamis). I had a Kings 8 paddle tire on my 06 450 and had no problems with the stock gearing. The bike ran strong and ended up being stonger than me. I havent had a bad crash in a long time, and I knew my time was up. I am still recovering. Good luck and let us know how your trip went.

Yeah, I don't really want to think about crashing-----crashing in the dunes usually involves 2 things---speed and heighth. Those equal pain.

Anyone know about the baffle situation. I have to get the bike down to 94Db and I heard it's at 104db without the baffle. If worse comes to worse I guess I will just drop $300hundo and order up a new FMF Q4 Pipe if I have to.

the promotobillet baffle is good. I bought one and put it in and its pretty quiet with no loss in power. I also cut out the screen in the exhaust. Only 50$, not a bad deal IMHO

I used a YZ400 exhaust when I had my 2000 WR400 in the dunes. I used an 8 paddle ... I think a 10 would work just fine too. Make sure your shock and fork oil are fresh. Since the WR has less comp damping than the YZ it is even more important - also plan on turning you comp adjusters way in. I had the stock gearing and it would not pull 5th too well so a 13 seems like a good idea.

FYI I broke my foot in Silver Lake Dunes 19 years ago - it was a blast till ... dooo I jump into another dune face. I did not wreck though.

Ive got a PMB-01-5500 I'd sell you. Sent you a PM. Let me know

I'm interested, I'll PM you back. I had the bike sound tested this weekend at a local ride area............104Db! I had to go to a hardware store and stuff almost an entire package of steel wool in the pipe. They finally let me ride without testing it again though.

Anyone know what the promotobillet comes in at noisewise?

The paddle tire is a given but I think I'm gonna go with a 13 tooth as well. I wanna be able to run with and possibly out run the 250's.

A month ago we went Little Sahara in Oklahoma. Me on my 98 WR400. one guy on a 06 YZ450. and another bud on a cammed and jetted 06 KX250f. Ive done all of the free mods, T-4 exhaust and used an 8 paddle Sand Snake and 14/49 gearing, I didn't use first gear that much, ussually started in 2nd cause the bike is heavy enough that it would dig down. Needed the wheel speed to get going. Not sure how you ride, but the 13 seems unneeded. And I found that if are going to do any tight cornering you can't let off too much, the front end gets really heavy and it wants to auger in. I didn't have any trouble when I was leading, but when I was following and second guessing what the guy in front of you is going to do I dug it in a few times

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